About us

Satesoft is an ICT company founded in 2009 to exert immense social and economic leverage on increased internet penetration and access in Africa. As a company with a vision, Satesoft capitalizes on its research and development to design and deliver innovative, forward-looking, and user-friendly technology-based products and services to a diverse variety of clients and business partners.

Satesoft aims to be an Innovation Partner to businesses and people who take technology seriously, look to integrate technology in cutting costs, organise and disseminate information, and make records management and archiving more revolutionary.


Discover information, resources and support to help you in your ICT requirements at affordable rates.

Website Development & Hosting

Our hosting is affordable at a fixed annual fee. The fee covers a domain of your choice that is available if required, bandwidth, disk space and other utilisable features, tools and benefits.

Client Support

We aim to be our clients first point of contact for all support and business development issues. Our support entail physical and remote through phone, email and video call where necessary.

Research, Design & Development

Research and development plays a critical role in innovation process. It is therefore essential to us to invest in research, design and development to satisfy the needs of tomorrow.

Social-media Management

Use of social media and demand for its essence is on the rise.We use our expertise to help clients realize more value from the social media platforms through training and analysis.

Consultation, Planning & Content Review

If you are in the process of choosing technology, searching ICT related solution for your business or developing your web content, reach out to us for support to reach your goal.

Systems Training & Review

We have a highly skilled team in training technical details in simplified and easy to understand approach. Try use in getting your team to understand your technology.

Frequently Ask Questions

Below are the questions we have been receiving frequently in our interation with clients. On case your question of interest is not answered among these, please feel free to contact us.

What is Satesoft?

We are an ICT company spirited to meet the needs of the African continent. With growing mobile and internet penetration we inspire to serve all sectors with keen interest in plant science.

How can I purchase a domain?

To purchase a domain, email us with a list your domain names. We shall then get back to you with available domains. Thereafter you shall be contacted for payment to receive your domain. We have affordable rates for you.

Whom can I email for support and inquiry?

To contact us, please send an email to the email address in our contact page. Alternatively, you can also contact us through info@satesoft.com. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

What does it take to get training from your team?

Share with us the area you would want to be trained on through email. Our representative will then get intouch with you to finalize the training details including financial obligation.

Do you charge for social media support?

Yes, we have a fee towards social media support. This is meant to aid research and facilitate the teams offering support.

Do you offer internship opportunities?

Yes. However, our opportunities are very competitive. Share with us your CV and detail your area of passion. Thereafter we shall get back to you with more information regarding placement or recommendations.

If you have inqueries please email us at info@satesoft.com

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